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About Us

First settled in 1911, Underbool is a small, rural, Victorian town with a population of about 200. Cropping (wheat, barley, triticale, canola, lupins) and sheep are the main agricultural pursuits.

Situated midway between Pinnaroo, S.A., and Ouyen, the town is on the Mallee Highway which is a main Adelaide to Sydney route. 

While some describe the climate, as 'Mediterranean', temperatures can soar over 40oC in summer but winter nights can be very cool and frosty. However, many days of pleasant 25-30oC warmth are enjoyed throughout the year and humidity is generally low.

The average annual rainfall is about 310mm but this varies widely from year to year. During the drought year 1982, only 105mm rain was recorded. 2010 rainfall was high (av. 490mm across our district), and over the summer months of 2010-11 over 265mm rain fell.

Services in the town include: Rural Supplies, Primary School, Preschool/Childcare, Mechanical Garage, General Store/Post Office, Grain Receival, Community Health Centre, CFA, Police, Churches, Swimming Pool (summer months), Parks Vic and Sporting Facilities.   



Pioneer Memorial Wall