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Cemetery Trust


Cemetery Road



The Underbool Cemetery came into being in January 1913, when the first burial took place. Between 1913 and 1923, burials were not officially recorded, as a result almost all names and sites from that period are unknown.

The Trust was formed in 1922 and continues to this day

In 1993/94 a lawn section was established.

In 1994 the magnificant wrought iron gates, donated by the Farnsworth family, were restored and placed at the cemetery entrance

A cairn, built inside the south fence, stands as a memorial to those pioneers and their children who are buried beyond the present day fence and who were buried prior to the keeping of records.

Improvements at the cemetery include the planting of many trees and shrubs, a Gazebo, picket fence, netting fence on the east side, seats, shed, plaques on unmarked graves, new lawn headstone section and a toilet, with the hope of more improvements still to come.

The Cemetery is well maintained, thanks to the support of local community volunteers.

For more information contact:

Neil Jackson, President. 0428 946 325

Merelyn Sprigg, Secretary.  0427 946 395