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Underbool Progress Group


This community group is a non-profit organisation open to all residents of the Underbool area. 


1.  To enhance Underbool district by both maintaining existing facilities and developing or assisting with development of new facilities and encouraging beautification.

2.  Preserve and promote local history and heritage assets

3.  Encourage activities which will help Underbool to remain an economically viable community

4.  Provide a forum for representation to local government or other bodies

5.  Help to provide a safe and welcoming environment for both residents and visitors


Community Resources

Available for hire at very reasonable rates:

Laptop Computer - contact Melinda Lynch  0428 946 238

Data Projector - contact Melinda Lynch  0428 946 238


Committee of Management

President: Mrs J Willsmore 

Vice President: Mrs N Kelly

Secretary: Ms Bev Cummings 0401 155 637

Assistant Secretary: Mrs S McVicar

Treasurer: Mrs L Brown

Committee Member: Mrs E Funcke

                                 Mrs F Brown


The Underbool Progress Group Inc. is a committee composed of community members whose aim is to enhance and continue to make Underbool a viable and liveable town. The Progress Group assist the community by providing events, developing structures and consulting with Council on local issues that benefit the town and the
people who call it home. 

The Progress Group coordinates and runs various activities including Australia Day, ANZAC Day march and assisting Santa with his visit on Christmas Eve.

The Progress Group also auspices the Pink Lakes Pantry, a very important shop in our town run by volunteers.



Community members wishing to join the Underbool Progress Group need to collect an 'Application for Membership of the Underbool Progress Group Inc.' available from the Pink Lakes Pantry. The completed application  should be placed in an envelope with your $2.00 membership money and put in the box at the Pink Lakes Pantry. The committee will vote approval of memberships for them to be confirmed.

For ongoing members, the annual membership of $2.00 is to be included in an envelope with your NAME and
$ AMOUNT, and placed in the box at Pink Lakes Pantry.


Volunteer opportunities

Many opportunities to help in a small community are available. Skills required range from serving at Pink Lakes Pantry shop, catering, small maintenance/handyman jobs, gardening, art, typing, planning and organising, driving, research, submission writing, technology assistance, photography, cooking BBQ, clean-up working bees, problem solving, creative project ideas, ......

Your willingness to share your skills with the community will help keep community spirit in Underbool and will be rewarding to yourself as well as to others. 

Please contact a committee member to let them know you are available to help.

The Underbool Progress Group has developed a Facebook page - Underbool Community Events, that the community can use to advertise events, important notices and newsletters relating to our community, and to assist residents to be informed and aware of resources and activities in our district. Please join this site if you are on Facebook.



President's Report 2021

President's Report 2017

President's Report 2016

President's Report 2015

Underbool & District Community Plan 2014 - 2019

Community meeting March 21st, 2016 - summary of proceedings


Précis of meetings may be put in the local newsletter.


Community website -

Underbool Progress Group is also responsible for this community website -  to keep information up to date, you are invited to submit local news, upcoming local events, contact information and activities for your organisation/club, etc or other suggestions for this website - contact 5094 6394 or email using the 'Contact Us' tab on this website.








Reddy Go Digital project 2016 -a State Government funded initiative to help adults learn and/or improve their digital technology skills. Course content that may be covered, but not limited to, includes email, skype, searching the internet, downloading from the web, online banking, and saving/uploading photos. Classes commenced in Underbool on 1st March 2016 and are run by local volunteers who aim to tailor lessons to meet individual needs. All are welcome, no minimum skills required!