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Lightning sparks blazes

15 Jan 14

Lightning sparks blazes

Underbool CFA responded to an incident south of Linga at approximately 6pm on Tuesday 14th January. Lightning had started a fire in a paddock west of Linga airbase; the fire was rapidly spreading and threatening a local farmer's home. CFA volunteer firefighters were able to eventually control and blackout this fire.

Widespread dry thunderstorm activity on Tuesday 14th January has resulted in many fires across the state of Victoria including several fires in national parks and scrub reserves in all directions around Underbool. Underbool CFA crews are attending the fire in the Bronzewing Flora and Fauna reserve which is threatening Gypsum, Patchewollock and Tempy. Thank you to all our CFA volunteers - you are champions! Lightning sparked these 2 fires

Underbool itself was fortunate to receive a little rainfall during the thunderstorm - enough to dampen the ground surface and perhaps helped to avoid lightning induced fires in the immediate vicinity.

With temperatures over 45oC each day this week, the bush and grasslands are tinder dry. High winds forecast for Friday 17th will cause more havoc and fan flames of these fires which are as yet, not under control.

Friday 17th January: CFA crews continue to fight the fires breaking out of the Bronzewing Flora & Fauna reserve fire which is still uncontrolled. Smoke haze fills the sky. The photo below shows the smoke haze over Underbool township at about 8pm.

Smoke fills the sky