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A new library service delivery is expected be in place by the end of 2018. The service will be held in the Underbool Linga Hall on Tuesdays 10am to 1.00pm. A library staff member will set up preloaded shelves in the hall. Items on shelves can be browsed and borrowed and items can be reserved as per normal.

Please enjoy the wide range of items and service that the library offers you in your town.



At the MRCC Council meeting held May 26, 2016 the following agenda item 13.7 was tabled and the recommendation (2) was passed by councillors.

File Number: 20/01/01
Officer: General Manager Community

1. Summary
The purpose of this report is for Council to consider the findings of the Sustainability
Review for Library Services prior to seeking feedback from the community in relation
to the new directions and alternative service delivery model proposed from the

2. Recommendation
That Council:
(i) implement an Engagement Plan to seek feedback from the community
in relation to the new directions and alternative Library Services Model
as proposed in Section 4 of this report; and
(ii) is presented with a further report to consider community feedback prior
to making any further decisions.


The proposed alternative service methods to be implemented would result in
discontinuation of the Mobile Library Service and the closure of the Irymple Library.


Click here to read the report presented at Council which outlines proposals for alternative library services.

Community consultation will commence in June 2016 - please consider this issue which will impact on our community and have your feedback ready for consultation process or contact a Progress Group committee member with your input.

Alternatively contact Cr Greg Brown for further discussion on this issue.