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Dallas Willsmore played his first senior game with Hawthorn on Friday 26th May, 2017.

The Hawks started strongly, leading at the end of the first two quarters, but Sydney Swans rallied and led by the end of the third quarter. The fourth quarter saw the Hawks fight back and Jarryd Roughead's conversion of his set point in the last 80 seconds of the game gave the Hawks victory. Final score Hawthorn 81 to Sydney Swans 75.

Dallas's Statistics

Kicks 4 Sydney Swans Rd 10
Handballs 5 Sydney Swans Rd 10
Disposals 9 Sydney Swans Rd 10
Marks 3 Sydney Swans Rd 10
Hit-outs 0 - -
Tackles 3 Sydney Swans Rd 10
Goals 0 - -
AFL Fantasy 40 Sydney Swans

Rd 10