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Mallee Border Health Centre

Di Thornton, Nurse Practitioner, is available by appointment on Tuesdays in Underbool. Appointments can be made by calling 0885778065 or mobile 0448522703 or at


Underbool CFA

Underbool CFA will be holding its Biennial/General meetings on Friday 8th April at the Underbool Fire Station. Long service awards will be presented.

A BBQ tea will commence at 6.00pm and meetings will follow. If families could please provided a salad or sweet to share it would be greatly appreciated. All welcome. Any apologies to either Col Lockett or Sonia McVicar.


Underbool CFA Fire Truck Roster

Please remember to take your mobile phone.

The truck can be taken out any day during your rostered week.

Please remember to check the fuel level and organise to fill it if required. We cannot turn out to fires if there is no fuel in the truck.

If you are unable to take the truck out, please contact the Committee Member responsible for your month.

Mar 2022 - Captain Col Lockett

27/03   Sam Crow

Apr 2022 - 1st Lieut Cameron Gloster

03/04    Matt Brown

10/04    Andrew Willsmore

17/04    Simon Brown

24/04    Simon Morrison


Underbool Golf

Hello Underbool and district community.

I have my golf hat on at the moment and letting you all know that it is coming to that time soon for the Annual Golf Meeting and the General to follow.

This is proposed to be held on Monday the 28th of March at the club house at 7 pm.

The committee is asking all interested to attend this meeting as we need to know whom is interested in participation in golf for the course to be open and to form an Executive Committee.

Hope to see you all at the meeting.

Any question or apologies to Bev Cummings




That’s the first week done and dusted!! We have 31 Tippers in the competition and we welcome 17 new members - 6 who are new to the Underbool Community. We hope you all enjoy the year and the fun that comes with it! Our 1st round leaders are Dot Brown, Merv Castleman and Jan Taylor on 7.

Please make sure you have filled out your tips prior to the first game each week


If you are unable to get to the Pantry to do your tipping prior to the first game you can text your tips to -

Colleen Aikman             0407 946 376

Noelene Crow                0428 458 962

Scott Brammer              0439 143 325

If for some reason you are unable to put your tips on or you forget, you will be awarded the lowest tipper’s score for that week.


Mental health program launched at MTHCS

MTHCS are very excited to announce a new mental health program.  Appointment of the Rural Outreach Workers ticks off a major first phase of the MTHCS Mental Health program to provide immediate local support to the community towards health and wellbeing. ROWs are not therapists or counsellors - instead they will be available to support people linking with and navigating the specialist support services they need.

When times get tough.

When you need a trusted person to talk to.

When you just need a friendly ear on the phone.

No matter your age or where you live in the MTHCS catchment call or text

Renae 0429 090 942

Tarsh 0492 001 181


Sharing experiences on care opinion We are encouraging clients/consumers to share their story about how MTHCS has cared for them on Care Opinion -- a safe and independent way for community members to give us their feedback. Care Opinion is an independent site where anyone can share their stories about their experience of care. The site covers health and aged care, and community services in Australia, giving service users, their families and carers the opportunity to publish their personal experiences, good or bad, of the care system. By encouraging people to share their experience with MTHCS, we will be able to recognise staff who are doing a fabulous job, better understand what people think of the services we provide, and use this information to help improve our services.

This month, we are focusing on residential aged care. To leave your feedback on your experience with MTHCS, please go to:

If you need support in providing feedback, please call MTHCS on 50921111 to receive a paper copy of the care opinion.



Jo Lynch is hoping to come to Underbool on Tuesday April 5th (Depending on bookings).

Please phone Jo on 0408 385 893 if you wish to make an appointment or have any questions. Jo will be doing trims, colouring and all other hair dressing requirements. Please keep an eye out in the Underbool Press for future notices.

Donation $3

Typist next week: 30st March 2022


Dear Community Members - Volunteer Fatigue

Due to the closure of the local shop then the Pub/shop, the Pink Lakes Pantry was opened for business to provide the community with an essential service in February of 2017.  This was enabled by the generosity of Corbett Rural Supplies donating the land and building and cash donations from the Progress Group and several families in the community.  The shop has operated since then solely by volunteers. The Pink Lakes Pantry provides a very valuable service to the entire community and has become the hub of our town. The Pantry supports local businesses such as Ouyen Freight, Joseph Shaddock, Ouyen News & Tatts, Jason’s IGA, the Pinnaroo Bakery and several Mildura businesses on a weekly basis. As a result, the Pantry has a turnover between $90,000 and $100,000 per year.  This results in an approximate profit of $5000.00 per year. If we had to employ someone to run the Pink Lakes Pantry we would be running at a big loss.

Unfortunately, the number of people prepared to volunteer to work in the shop has been steadily declining and the Pantry desperately needs more people to put their hands up and help out. Below are some figures that may be of interest to the community:-

The shop operates for 4 hours every week day and an hour on Saturday and Sunday, all through the generosity of our volunteers.

Over a 12 month period the hours are:                                                                                                                                                20 hours per week x 52 weeks – 1040 hours                                                                                                                                    2 hours per weekend x 52 weeks – 104 hours                                                                                                                                Total of 1144 volunteer hours per year!

This does not take into account the hours spent by the volunteers doing ordering, shopping, cleaning, maintenance, paper returns, Footy Tipping and administration (paying creditors/invoices, banking and balancing the financial records).

Several of our hardworking volunteers are also drivers of the Community Car which is run by the Mallee Track.  This averages out at 7 hours per week for 50 weeks – another 350 hours. There are also volunteers who are on the Underbool Press Roster and sporting and other organisations within the community.

Our volunteers all enjoy providing this service to the community and enjoy the opportunity to meet and chat with the travellers who visit the Pantry, but it must be realised that we are all busy and have commitments of our own.  Some have family who live away, both within Victoria and interstate that we need to visit and help out when required. Some of us have elderly parents, some of us have our own business to run and we sometimes even like to take a holiday! Every time one of our volunteers has a commitment out of town, we all have to do extra shifts in the shop and volunteer fatigue is becoming a very real problem.

The Pink Lakes Pantry is providing a valuable service to our community, especially to those who are unable to drive to do shopping. Maybe you might only have your paper ordered or buy 2 litres of milk once a week, but imagine what would happen if the Pantry had to cut back the number of days opened per week or was even forced to close? Please think about putting your hand up to do a shift every now and then, once a month maybe, or even and hour on the weekend.  This would be an enormous help to the volunteers of the Pink Lakes Pantry and the community.

Look forward to hearing from you………………Please contact Colleen Aikman on behalf of the Pink Lakes Pantry Volunteers – 0407 946376