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Mallee Border Health Centre

Di Thornton, Nurse Practitioner, is available by appointment on Tuesdays in Underbool. Appointments can be made by calling 0885778065 or mobile 0448522703 or at


Underbool Bowls

Jack Attack Bowls for beginners is on this coming Friday 28th October 2022. Names in by 5:45pm, Clubhouse will be open by 5:30pm.
If possible please text your name to Veronica 0427547654 or Maggie 0438853218 for catering purposes.



Oct 2022 - Captain Col Lockett

23/10    Sam Crow 

30/10   Matt Brown


Underbool Golf Club Farewell Gathering 

Thank you to everyone who attended our farewell on Sunday. A great time was had by all.  We will be taking the old used golf cards to the Pink Lakes Pantry for golfers to search through to find their cards if they wish.  If you find anyone else’s cards that you think they might want, please feel free to pass them on.  The cards will be in a tub under the table behind the counter.                                     



MTHCS celebrate 25 years.  Please join us at the Underbool Centre on Wednesday 2nd November 2 – 4pm.  Come and enjoy a cuppa from the Spiilt Milk coffee van and birthday cake! Everyone is welcome.

Underbool Social Support (PAG) meets every Wednesday from 10am at the Underbool Centre. The members are currently enjoying making African dolls from paper.  We can’t wait to see the end product.  On 9th November, the group plan to go on their next outing to visit some sites of the Mallee. (Weather permitting) If craft activities, games or outings interest you or would just like to join for a cuppa and chat new members are very welcome. Please register with My Aged Care or ask for support by calling 50921111.  We are happy to help.

Japanese encephalitis virus (JE virus) is in northern Victoria, and that means our Mallee communities need to keep covered up and aware.

✅ Mozzies can bite through tight clothing. Cover up - wear long, loose-fitting clothes.

✅ Use repellents that contain picaridin or DEET on all exposed skin.

✅ Use mosquito nets or insect screens.

✅ Use ’knockdown’ fly spray, mosquito coils or plug-in repellent where you gather to sit or eat.

Tip – citronella candles aren’t effective enough! Mozzie repellents are your best defence against mosquito bites.

If you have been in contact with mosquitoes and develop a sudden high fever and headache in the following days and weeks, see your doctor. If you have more serious symptoms like disorientation or a seizure - urgently seek medical attention.


Typist next week  2nd November    

Tracie Corbett