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Mallee Border Health Centre

Di Thornton, Nurse Practitioner, is available by appointment on Tuesdays in Underbool.

Appointments can be made by calling 0885778065 or mobile 0448522703 or at


Underbool CFA Fire Truck Roster

Please remember to sign the attendance sheet at the station and to take your mobile phone with you.

The truck can be taken out any day during your rostered week.

Please remember to check the fuel level and organise to fill it if required. We cannot turn out to fires if there is no fuel in the truck.

If you are unable to take the truck out, please contact the Committee Member responsible for your month.

October 2021 – 2nd Lieut Kevin Brown

31/10   Steven Lynch

November 2021 – 3rd Lieut Steven Donnellan

7/11     Callum Winslow

14/11   Terry Kilpatrick

21/11   David Boseley

28/11   Jason Elliott


Pink Lakes Pantry Change to Weekend & Public Holiday Opening Hours

Due to the uncertain time of the weekend paper deliveries, we have decided to change the opening hours on weekends and Public Holidays as follows: 9.30am – 10.30am

Sorry for any inconvenience.


Old Mallee League Football Jumpers.

I have a person who wants to document and photograph the old Mallee League Football jumpers. I am after the old Underbool black and white, Maroon and gold V Walpeup and Centrals, Blue with white sash Ouyen, black and red vertical stripes, Tiega, red and a white V. Tempy, green with a gold V. I am only after a loan so that he can photograph and they will be returned A.S.A.P.

Chris Brown 0428946235


Underbool Progress Group is applying for a MRCC grant for Christmas this year, so they are asking for any Christmas/festive ideas for this festive season.

If you have any ideas please send them to Bev Cummings ‎ ASAP

Thank you Underbool Progress Group.


Underbool Bowls

Bowls practice for non bowlers will be held on Friday 29th October 2021. Names to Maggie (0438853218) or Veronica (0427547654) or turn up by 5.45pm.
Please note: it is a requirement from Bowls Victoria that all adults must be fully vaccinated against Covid 19 to participate.


News from MTHCS

Visitors to aged care: Up to two visitors per time, for limited reasons are now allowed at our aged care facilities.  Outdoor visits will be strongly encouraged (weather permitting), and all families are asked to phone ahead to arrange their visits.

Confidentiality: As we get more accustomed to COVID-19 being in our communities, please remember MTHCS staff members do not always know – and can never – share information about COVID-positive cases in our catchment. While we will do our best to keep people up to date with important information, we ask you to rely on the government information as the source of truth only, not rumours and gossip. The best way to stay up to date is via

Looking after each other in hot weather :As the weather warms up in our beautiful part of the world, it is  important to be sensible in hot weather, for example, stay indoors, avoid strenuous activity, wear lightweight clothing, and drink cool water regularly throughout the day.


Other simple measures that can reduce your risk of heat stress include:

  • Pay attention to weather reports – temperatures above 37 °C are particularly dangerous. Act to prevent heat stress on days when the temperature is predicted to rise above 30 °C. Take note of humidity levels too, because sweating is not as effective at cooling you down when the weather is very humid.
  • Review medications with your doctor – if you take medications, ask your doctor if you are at increased risk of heat stress in hot weather. The doctor may advise that you avoid certain medications or adjust the dosage during the summer months.
  • Reduce caffeine and alcohol – caffeinated and alcoholic drinks have a mild diuretic action. Limit tea, coffee and alcohol in hot weather. Drink water instead
  • Take note of the colour of your urine – brown or dark yellow urine suggests dehydration.
  • Stay cool – draw your blinds and curtains, and turn on your air conditioner and set it to ‘cool’. If you do not have an air conditioner, try cool showers or use wet towels and sit in front of an electric fan.

Pennie Wisneske, Volunteer coordinator.


Typist next week 3rd November Tracie Corbett