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30th November 2022

Mallee Border Health Centre

Di Thornton, Nurse Practitioner, is available by appointment on Tuesdays in Underbool. Appointments can be made by calling 0885778065 or mobile 0448522703 or at



Dec 2022 - 2nd Lieut Kevin Brown

4/12       Geoff Lockett

11/12    Kieren Hayter

18/12    Jack Winslow

25/12    Tim Gloster


Underbool Senior Citizens Club will be going into the Ouyen Community Club on Friday December 2nd 2022 for a Christmas luncheon. Own transport into Ouyen. Meet at Club at 12 noon. Names to Elaine Lockett on 0427947223 by Wednesday November 30th.

President M Prentice

Secretary E Lockett.



COVID-19 is circulating in our Mallee communities and all of us have a critical role to play in increasing our vigilance and attention to COVID-Safe practices.  They have kept us safe previously, and it will be our actions every day that keep ourselves and others safe this time. N95masks have been reintroduced at all MTHCS facilities and all staff, volunteers, contractors and visitors are asked to follow these guidelines. We are on the countdown to Christmas, and what we do now will ensure we can all enjoy December and January celebrations with friends and family.  Most importantly, it will ensure our facilities can stay open for visitors throughout the Christmas and New Year period, which is extremely important to the mental health and wellbeing of our residents.  You are strongly encouraged to wear at least a surgical mask when you are out and about in the supermarket or the shops, or at events and gatherings.  Please also encourage family and friends to do the same so we give ourselves the best chance of enjoying all the festivities of the season.

Increase in snake sightings:

Community feedback has indicated there has been an increase in sightings of snakes - possibly due to the rising floodwaters. 

Mallee First Aid have kindly shared the below information:

Snakes are naturally shy, and their first form of defence is to move away from danger, including humans. If provoked or cornered, a snake may strike. If you do come across a snake, don’t panic. Back away to a safe distance, and the snake will move away to a safer area for them.

Sometimes people may not be aware that they have been bitten by a snake. The following symptoms may be felt an hour or more after the bite.

Some people will get all the following, and others may only get some.

●            Pain at the bite site

●            Swelling or bleeding at the bite site

●            Swollen and sore glands in the groin or armpit of the bitten limb

●            Faintness, dizziness

●            Nausea and/or vomiting

●            Headache

●            Abdominal (stomach) pain

●            Bleeding from the gums

●            Blurred or double vision

●            Drooping eyelids

●            Difficulty breathing, swallowing or speaking

●            Limb weakness or paralysis

●            Collapse or confusion

If a person has been bitten by a snake here is what to do

1.            Make sure you have called 000 you need an ambulance

2.            Lie the patient down, they must be kept very still

3.            Do not wash, cut, or attempt to suck the venom out.

4.            Apply a bandage over the bite site – Mark bite Site.

5.            Apply a pressure immobilisation bandage, start at the bottom of the limb (toes or fingers) and cover the whole limb. (Bandage needs to be firm but is not to cut off circulation)

6.            Immobilise the limb with a splint (you can use the patient’s other limbs or body parts as a splint)

7.            REST patient, NO movement more than necessary

8.            Have help come to patient


If patient is non-breathing start CPR


DO NOT apply an arterial tourniquet

DO NOT chase or catch the snake (it is not needed for identification)

DO NOT remove splint or bandage once applied


You can buy specific bandages for snake bites that will allow you the ability to see if you are applying the correct pressure to the patient. These are available through Mallee First Aid.


Families, friends and community members are invited to join us for a night of musical performances and a presentation to farewell our Year 6 students.
Doors open at 6.30 pm
Raffle tickets available on the night







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